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Pippa says no corporations law studies

Pippa says no corporations law studies

The most serious

The most serious



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I don’t disagree with the truths in this article: criminalization of prostitution creates stigma and violence, decriminalization would result in lower rates of HIV, many sex workers engage in the work as any other entrepreneurial business, like Mr. Brandon.

That said it’s incredibly problematic that media repeatedly chooses “high end” white sex workers as the poster children of the movement and models for how anti-prostitution legislation adversely affects sex workers. Anti-sex work policies certainly are harmful to these people (I’m in that category as are many of my friends, I know) BUT these policies don’t impact them, us, the most. Most of the world’s sex workers are not white, they are not rich, and they, too, have stories to tell and incredible insight on how oppressive policies negatively impact them.

"letโ€™s hope that voices like Brandonโ€™s can speak for those that are silenced, to send a clear message: Sex workers are people, too."


No one needs to speak for anyone else. Those who go unheard have a voice. They have a message. We just aren’t paying attention and listening. We are the ones doing the silencing.

It is our job as community members and movement makers to amplify the voices that go unheard. It is our job to make people feel safe in doing so. It is our job to hold media accountable for this pattern and to make significant changes.